Tony Cassidy

The Genius
  • Full name: Antonio Cassidy, Jr.
  • Age: 23
  • Field number: 7-252
  • Affiliation: Third Division > Intervention > Team Strom (Master Coder)
  • Access level: 5.9
  • Place of origin: N21 (United States of America)

Tony Cassidy is the Master Coder of Team Strom’s Intervention unit. His IQ places him firmly into the 99% percentile and he’s not shy about showing it, which makes him indispensable in solving the toughest Code problems.

Even so, Tony craves recognition and will go to ridiculous lengths to get it. He usually gets the last word in any argument because the other party either concedes or walks away in frustration. He can be passive-aggressive or outright condescending when his mind is otherwise occupied.

He likes pineapple on pizza.