Rachel Njoku

Field Operative
  • Full name: Rachel Olaedo Njoku
  • Age: 25
  • Field number: 7-264
  • Affiliation: Third Division > Intervention > Team Strom (field operative)
  • Access level: 5.2
  • World of origin: N21 (Nigeria)

Rachel Njoku is a former Special Operations agent who now works as part of Nikki Strom’s team in Intervention. She is highly proficient with a wide range of weaponry and can operate most kinds of vehicles with or without wheels.

In the field, Rachel has a healthy respect for structure and the chain of command, and doesn’t hesitate to take action to preserve them. This puts her at odds with the rest of her team sometimes.

Rachel takes a while to warm up to people, but she’s fiercely loyal to those she counts among her friends. She’s highly creative and becomes impatient easily. Unbeknownst to most of her peers, she also moonlights as a queer fiction writer and has found success under different pennames on several worlds.