Nikki Strom

The Unit Chief
  • Full name: Nicolas Strom
  • Age: 28
  • Field number: 7-241
  • Affiliation: Third Division > Intervention > Team Strom (unit chief)
  • Access level: 6.0
  • World of origin: N57 (Nordics)

Nikki Strom is a unit chief in Third’s Intervention department. He has a strong sense of duty, but doesn’t hesitate to challenge the status quo to protect those under his command.

As one of Third’s youngest unit chiefs, Nikki had to prove his right to lead several times at the start of his career. He prefers to keep his subordinates at arm’s length and rely on his own best judgement, which sometimes leads to tensions in the field.

If Nikki has a personal life, his immediate acquaintances -- that is, his supervisors and the rest of his team -- aren’t privy to it. He tends to keep to himself when he’s not on assignment. There’s a rumor floating about that, as a Nordics man, he can handle home-brewed moonshine and likes to go ice-fishing, but no-one’s seen him do either.