Lynn Reid

The Gifted
  • Full name: Avalynne Morgan Reid
  • Age: 23
  • Field number: 7-315
  • Affiliation: Third Division > Intervention > Team Strom (field operative)
  • Access level: 4.9
  • World of origin: N13 (United Northern Federation

Lynn Reid is the newest member of Nikki Strom’s field team. She is Gifted, which means she can see things outside human perception - specifically, the Code, which is reality translated into a form that humans can see and interact with.

Lynn is like a stray cat in many ways: she’ll let you get close (but not too close), but make a wrong move and she’s gone. It takes a lot to earn her trust, and very little to lose it.

Outwardly, she looks calm in most situations, having learned at an early age that showing emotion does nothing but give other people ammo to use against you. She doesn’t get attached to people on principle and will happily toast a marshmallow while the world burns. Speaking of happiness, Lynn is highly suspicious of it when it does happen, and fully expects it not to last.


Lynn was the vocalist of Angels of Anarchy, a gothic/NU metal band in her native town. The band's only album, Reign of Lost Souls, launched under an indie label and sold abysmally. Lynn dated the bassist until the bassist started two-timing the guitarist and the drummer, which eventually lead to the band splitting up. The bassist was female.