Zack Reid

The Engineer
  • Full name: Zachary Elijah Reid
  • Age: 24
  • Field number: 7-254
  • Affiliation: Third Division > Intervention > Team Strom (engineer)
  • Access level: 5.9
  • World of origin: N13 (United Northern Federation)

Zack Reid is a mechanical engineer with a special talent for integrating complex Code functionality into the equipment he builds. He was recruited as a civilian under a Special Dispense and operates as part of Nikki Strom’s team.

Zack’s prototypes have a tendency to go awry, which earned him the nicknames Mad Zack and Zack Run-For-The-Hills during his brief but eventful stint with Third’s R&D division. Notably, his research supervisor lost a (second) finger to one of Zack’s inventions.

Zack is smart and he knows it but, if pressed, he will reluctantly admit that he has the social skills of a geriatric walrus. When it comes to dealing with other people, he values quality over quantity. He tends to trust his better judgement over what Standard Procedure dictates and, sometimes, he jumps to premature conclusions and will defend them long past the point where he should have let go.